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At Columbus Power Elite, our coaches use a system we believe to be very effective in both creating strength and confidence in an athlete, while limiting the amount of injury and developing skill through the use of body shape training, flexib​ility work, drills, and repetition. We have based our system solely on the idea that strong muscles and strong athletes make better, safer, more successful skills.

Our current session will begin on October 16th and run until December 15th, with no classes on Halloween or the week of November 20th. You can register now on the parent portal!

This is an 8 week session.

Registration is available through our iClassPro Portal!


Here at Columbus Power Elite, we use iClassPro for our registrations, attendance, payments and more. One of the benefits is accessing your athlete's individual skill evaluations. This video will help you find this information so you can stay informed on your athlete's progress!

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